Here's a link to a CBC video of Matt Andersen and I performing our co-write Drift Away.

Away appears on Matt's latest album, Weightless - I don't perform on the album, but I've included a link to the album track on iTunes - I think it's beautiful. Hope you enjoy!


If you enjoyed Me 'n' Mabel then please check out Suzie's latest album - Live At Bluesville

Visit Suzie's music page to hear samples

Available through Outside Music Distribution

"On the new album, her powerful singing is front and centre, backed only by her Larrivee Guitar, Mabel. By leaving it bare and sparse, there's nothing to hide behind. It's a showcase of raw, rootsy talent...."

- Noah Siegel, New Canadian Music

"Judging by the response to Me n Mabel, deciding to release a sequel is a masterstroke...."

- John Valenteyn, Toronto Blues Society's John's Blues Picks

"Vinnick's ability to go sweet and high, and low and tough in the same song is just one of the reasons she makes each song a powerful performance. Every one of the tunes here leaves you with that feeling, that you've just heard a masterful version of the song. A highly-recommended album while we wait for the studio follow-up...."

- Bob Mersereau, East Coast Music

"Vinnick's range of professional activity is more than matched by the vocal range found on Live At Bluesville where she teases out meaning from lyrics using a repertoire of a half dozen or so voices. On Willie Dixon's 'You'll Be Mine' her vampy vocal you're so sweet morphs effortlessly into a full Joni Mitchell keening as the melody's notes range higher. A little later a newfound gut-level urgency to the day that I die, she's singing becomes deceptively cosy and devilishly cutesy as she insists, you'll be mine in a way that makes you want make sure your wallet is where you left it...."

- Peter Goddard, Toronto Star

"Suzie`s voice is supple and expressive, like a mix between Edie Brickell and Maria Muldaur- her guitar playing delicate and fierce, and her choice of material is pretty much flawless. I can imagine the people in the control room watching her play these songs standing and cheering after each take.

Live At Bluesville is a sparse, intimate and completely engaging experience that I simply cannot recommend enough- not just for blues lovers, but music lovers in general....."

- John The Rock Doctor Kereiff,

"It finds Vinnick and trusty guitar Mabel in top form vocally and instrumentally on a nicely varied set of songs (some reprised from recent albums). Her crisp guitar work is all the framing Vinnick's strong, soulful vocals need. ...."

- Kerry Doole,

The latest

September 10, 2014

The crickets are still chirping summery songs here in the Niagara Region even though the nights are cooling down a bit.

I had a fun summer with travels from the west to the east coast and places in between, plus some wonderful adventures state-side to Pittsburg, PA and Cincinnati, OH.
Got to meet lots of new folks and see some old friends which is always a gift of this crazy wonderful job. 
I am having fun performing a few new compositions that were written this summer, as well - I am beginning to make a game plan for a new album of the new tunes which is exciting. 
I'm also gearing up for some shows this fall - you can check 'em out on my gigs page. 

Hope you had a wonderful summer and I'll be back here again soon! 


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